ABOUT Bluria

Bluria gives your hair a light and brilliant finish.

The first step toward beautiful hair is to maintain a clear and soft scalp.
Bluria is a scalp care brand for beautiful hair,backed up by our 40 years of expertise as a professional hair care manufacturer.

Scalp-clearing ingredients※1 & Brilliant Cuticle Formula※2

※1 Lipase (removes oil) and kaolin (absorbs dirt). ※2 Hydrolyzed silk and platinum (gives shine).

A clear and soft scalp is the first step toward beautiful hair.

Mechanisms of using the Bluria series

※3 Hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid (softens scalp)

A clear and soft scalp

The top of the scalp generally does not move; this gives rise to various problems such as poor blood flow and lack of moisture, leading to irritation and a rough scalp. Therefore, it is important not only to take care of your hair but to also take care of your scalp by providing plenty of moisture. Moisturizing your entire scalp by massaging will soften it and create a base for beautiful hair.

Specialized Functions of Each Item

  • Shampoo

    Clears up the scalp

    Contains carefully selected scalp care ingredients such as [enzymes※4] and [white clay※5]. Removes sebum and dirt by absorption, and makes the scalp healthy by tightening it. Keeps the scalp soft by adding plenty of moisture, and develops a base for attaining beautiful hair.

  • Treatment

    Moisturizes hair and scalp

    Brilliant Cuticle Formula※6 that contains hydrolyzed silk and platinum that moisturizes the hair and strengthens the surface cuticle. This formulation also contains pearl essence,※7 which makes each strand of hair sparkle and shine beautifully.

  • Hair Mask

    Penetrates into hair and repairs damage

    Amino repair ingredients※8 with a low molecular weight and excellent penetrative power propagates right into the center of dry hair, sufficiently repairing damage.

※4 Lipase (removes oil). ※5 Kaolin (absorbs dirt). ※6 Hydrolyzed silk and platinum (gives shine). ※7 Hydrolyzed conchiolin (gives shine). ※8 Sodium dilauramidoglutamide lysine.

Blue Floral Fragrance

A refreshing and transparent fragrance for women pursuing true beauty. The rejuvinating scent embraces both your hair and heart.

Artwork by Stina Persson

In this complete renewal, the world-renowned watercolor artist Stina Persson was selected as an illustrator to portray the Bluria concept of "creating beautiful, shiny hair by taking care of it from the scalp up." Ms. Persson has created a beautiful piece of art depicting glittering, shiny, and transparent hair.

Ms. Persson claims her favorite point when creating illustrations is when she swings a large brush dipped in a generous amount of ink onto white paper. To create the best possible art piece, she often repaints a piece countless times. This project, she says, complemented her style of painting very well.

She said, "I always enjoy painting women's hair. Using the concept of Bluria, I conveyed the flow of the hair with the spread of ink using a combination of watercolors and line drawings rather than drawing individual hair strands. I usually use warm colors such as red and yellow; hence, it was new for me to use the colors blue and green."

With her particular taste and use of vivid colors, Stina Persson's original piece of art will offer a novel concept that women with a strong desire for high-quality products can relate to, leading to a product both relatable and offering real quality.

Stina Persson

Ms. Persson was born in Sweden in 1972. After spending time living in Tokyo, Florence, and New York, she currently works as an illustrator in Stockholm, Sweden. She creates her paintings by scanning images based on hand-drawn illustrations created using ink, watercolors, colored pencils, or cut paper and adjusting the details of the finished piece. Her style adds an edginess to an original retro sensibility that has been mixed with digital technology. She is a highly successful illustrator who receives many requests from global corporations, including Coca Cola, Nike, and Microsoft.

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