ABOUT Honeycé

Enjoy the sweet world of honey.

Honeycé is a natural hair care brand derived from honey,created to revitalize and repair your hair.

Our dedication to honey
We use carefully selected, certified, organic floral honey. Honeycé brings moisture to the cortex to give you supple and glossy hair. It also provides you with the sweet and refreshing scent of floral honey.
Natural flower oil and naturally derived amino acids offer double moisturizing effects to your hair.
Honeycé cares for your hair through a formula containing naturally derived amino acids (1) and flower oil (2).
The fabulous moisturizing effect is a natural gift from flowers. Provides smooth and silky hair, with no more frizz.
  • (1) Arginine (moisturizing ingredient)
  • (2) Citrus natsudaidai flower oil (moisturizing ingredient)
Repairs three major types of hair damage: heat damage, UV damage, and color damage.
Carefully selected ingredients are used to formulate all product lines. These include shea butter (3), Nanorepair™ (4), and plant-derived Erucalactone (5), which are effective in repairing the three major types of hair damage: heat damage from hair dryers, UV damage, and color damage. These ingredients repair hair both internally and externally, bringing back smoothness and glossiness from root to tip.
  • (3) Shea butter (protecting ingredient)
  • (4) γ-docosalactone (repairing ingredient). Nanorepair™ is a registered trademark of Nippon Fine Chemical.
  • (5) γ-docosalactone (prevents fading of hair color by protecting the hair)
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